Revolutionizing Numismatic Industry

Welcome to the Project !

"AstaBrata is the Semi-decentralized, Semi-Autonomous and Hybrid Governance Web3 Project on the Algorand Blockchain"

We are revolutionizing the Numismatic Industry through recreation of the Historic, Antique, Rare and Extinct Numismatic Coins through harnessing the power of Blockchain Technology.

Our 'Click and Tokenize' solution empowers the common man to harness the Blockchain Technology for Numismatic Investment and to get ease liquidity for one's own Numismatic Coins.


Gold/Silver Coins Tokenized


Numismatic Reserve Assets Collected


Extinct Rare Coins Recreated

Founder's Statement

”We at Astabrata on mission to acquire Numismatic Coins, Collectibles and Assets to be freely movable on the Blockchain, for which one need not to be proficient in the underlying technology

We would like to empower user to harness the Blockchain Technology for the liquidity and investment in the Real World Coins.”

- Dr Virendrasingh Rathod